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  • 可利用通過 RS-232 實現的 PC 軟件質量流量通訊器為客戶進行設備配置及參數化,例如配置二進制輸入及輸出、LED 燈、極限值等等。
  • 可設置額定值 / 實際值、調節值及綜合累加器等的限位開關(限值)。
  • 設備的動態性能可根據應用調整。
  • 在故障狀態下,可定義設備行為,例如運行安全值,完全打開或關閉閥門。
  • 自動調諧功能:調節器會根據機械行為進行自動調節。
  • 可調節的裝卸功能可以配置為額定值。
  • 可保存額定值配置文件。在此可依照所需順序輸入額定值信息及其相關的時間間隔,隨後它將以此順序自行(例如激活二進制輸入後)從設備中開始運行。
  • 通訊軟件的最新版本...

The EDIP software tool
Type 8920
The Bürkert Communicator is the most important software component of the 'Efficient Device Integration Platform' (EDIP)

Benefits for you:
• Configuration, parameterisation and diagnosis of EDIP devices / networks
• Easy and comfortable mapping of cyclic values
• Graphical display of process values
• Firmware updates for devices
• Backup and restoring of device configurations
Mass Flow Management
Type 874187428746
Benefits for you:
• Nominal flow ranges from 0.010 lN/min to 80 lN/min
• High accuracy and repeatability
• Very fast response times
• Communication via fieldbus based on CANopen
Electromotive Process Control Valve
Type 33603361
Benefits for you:
• good and fast control
• weather, impact and vibration resistant design
• easy cleaning by its design according hygienic demands
• position controller und process controller available
AirLINE - the valve island optimised for process automation
Type 8652
Benefits for you:
• Compact design
• Easy diagnostics by LC display
• Process reliability through pneumatic functions
• Optimised for installation at the bottom of the control cabinet
Type 8098
Benefits for you:
• No parts in the measurement tube
• Conform to hygienic requirements
• Ideal for low conductivity or non conductive liquids
• Digital communication
• Compact, low weight and energy-efficient
Control head for decentralized automation of ELEMENT process valves
Type 8691
Benefits for you
• Contact-free inductive valve position registration (Teach function)
• Coloured illuminated status display
• Integrated control air routing
• Fieldbus AS-Interface, DeviceNet, IO-Link or büS (Bürkert System Bus)
• With ATEX II cat. 3G/D / IECEx approval
Digital electropneumatic Process Controller SideControl
Type 8793 Type 8792
Benefits for you
• Compact and robust design
• Easy Start-up using Tune function of the Positioner and Process controller
• Integrated diagnostic functions for valve monitoring
• Dynamic positioning system with no air consumption in controlled state
• PROFIBUS DP-V1, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus TCP or büS (Bürkert System Bus)
Digital electropneumatic Positioner for the integrated mounting on process control valves
Type 8692 Type 8693
Benefits for you
• Compact, robust stainless Steel design
• Easy start-up by automatic X-Tune function
• Contact-free position sensor
• Integrated control air routing with spring chamber aeration
• PROFIBUS DP-V1, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus TCP or büS (Bürkert System Bus) demand
Online Analysis System
Type 8905
Benefits for you
• For analysis applications for drinking water and fresh water in industrial processes
• minimum sample water demand
• Modular sensor and electronic system: - up to 6 measurements in one housing - up to 30 analysis Sensor cubes in one büS system
• Prepared for fielbus connectivity, remote operation and remote maintenance
• MEMS technologies allows minimal footprint and minimum sample water demand
System Control Unit
Type ME43
Benefits for you:
• Gateway for Industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus standards
• Up to 128 input and 128 output variables can be assigned
• Easy integration in the process control system ensured through system specific device description files
• Graphical programming for automation of sub-systems


  • 標準化接口,便於設備集成
  • 用於個別流程操作的圖形化編程
  • 一個用於調試,診斷和維修的工具
  • 減少參數設置,實現快速簡單的啟動
  • 個人化和靈活,加快交貨時間
  • 直觀的用戶界面,操作簡單方便

 Bürkert 質量流量控制器