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Indirect materials

Supplier requirements for indirect materials like packaging, advertising materials, services, investment goods and more.


  • Machinery and equipment
  • Operating and office equipment
  • IT Hardware / Software
  • Construction services


  • Consulting services
  • Training and education services
  • Maintenance and repair services

Special requirements:

The document "Sicherheitsvorschriften für Fremdfirmen"  must be signed by each service provider before performing of services at Bürkert.


  • Corrugated boxes / stamped packaging
  • Partitions
  • EPP / EPS molded parts
  • Thermoformed parts
  • Lager-Fix containers
  • Polybags / Bubble wrap and Stretch films
  • Euro pallets / Inka pallets / Plastic pallets
  • Tapes / Strapping
  • Labels

DIN and Standard Parts

Occupational safety

  • Workwear
  • Cleaning, hygiene and maintenance products


  • Tools and clamping devices for machining
  • Hand Tools

Printed matter and advertising material:

  • Brochures / Flyers
  • Operating instructions
  • Promotional Products

Auxiliary materials and supplies

Office supplies

Special requirements

In different material groups above Bürkert use an e-procurement solution, which is connected via an OCI interface with our economic system. Suppliers with OCI enabled web shop are preferred for the relating material groups.